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General Instructions


  • An advance booking is necessary. The booking is confirmed when the advance money is paid. (Preferably half the amount). Rest of the payment can be made at the camp.
  • We follow first come first serve policy. When there are too many enquires and reservations, whoever pays the advances first gets the reservation.


  • Our package Rs. 1500/2000 is per person for a day from 11am to 11am (24 hours). This includes all your activities in the camp. Vegetarian Lunch, dinner and breakfast. Non vegetarian food and slight refreshments will be provided too at extra charges. For kids below 5 years it is free, above five to ten years it is half charge.  We like to stick to our timings. Unfortunately early arrivals will call in charges.


  • There are three tents to choose from. Depending on their availability we will provide you the ones you choose. We will definitely try to get you the one of your choice.


  • Equipments for joy fishing will be provided. Professional rods and reels for fishing will not be provided. 


  • Coming to food. BNC is a natural camp, not a hotel. Asking Chinese foods etc., are pretty troublesome. We provide you good, timed meals. We will also provide you a good variety.


  • Hopefully you will understand it is a “nature” camp and bear with us. Trust us you will be very happy by the end of your trip. Happy Stay !


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