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We at Bhadra Nature Camp strive to let our guests experience nature just as it is. We are proud owners of a ravishing beauty, the Bhadra River.


Faced by the state forest, which is the home to hundreds of birds and animals. Coffee estates makes the rest of the camp.


We preserve this place as a gift bestowed upon us. The proprietor is an avid angler, trekker and traveler.


Though from Bangalore city, he knows everything about the place.


We keep this heaven intact. We believe we have served our guests well and we wish to do the same in the future.

Wow the place is as amazing and beautiful as expected. The nature makes people feel so relaxed. The food is yummy. Especially the fish and the crabs. I loved the place. Will definitely come back.


Megha V, Bangalore

The only expression you could see in everyone's face was 'WOW!!' It was beautiful.. river flowing amidst the greenery and right next to the camp.  I must admit, the maintainance was irreproachable...


Padmashree, Bangalore

The riverside camping by the moonlight, the bird calls in the morning, clean quiet waters . Fantastic! nature at its best. In one word, we are all DELIGHTED. We'd definitely come again! 


Vaijayanthi, Bangalore

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